I will start the action…

Bob Heuts – You need to be fired!  I pay your salary.  You are an employee of the county.

For those of you who have not read this morning’s Herald, here’s your headline:

“Allied CEO: We’re taking our $3.5M elsewhere”


Try as you might, Bob, but this is not the fault of the new BOC.  It is your fault.  I am more convinced today that YOU, Bob, pulled the request, not the company.  And on top of that, according to the Herald, you have refused to take calls.  Why?  I demand to know why because I am your employer.  I am your boss. 

Answer this question:  Were you faced with the task of “proving” what you promised to the companies for incentives?  Used correctly, incentives are good.  But they must have milestones.  And they must have accountability.  For once, you didn’t have a blank check with minimal supervision (like you had with the previous BOC), and you run away.  Seems to me Allied CEO just got tired of waiting.  I can’t blame him.  I blame you.

And to boot, you ignore calls from the ones who have rallied behind you and the EDC consistently!  I’m referring to the Herald.

If you dare to try and blame the BOC, you will answer to your boss.  There are quite a few of us out here who have been waiting for someone to stand up and say there must  be accountability.  What am I waiting for?  Bob, you need to answer to us NOW.

Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty, not liability.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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8 Responses to I will start the action…

  1. Goose says:

    PH – I think if you check a bit you will find that Bob Heuts is an employee of the non-profit group (that I can never remember the full proper name for) usually just referred to as the EDC which is funded by the County, Sanford, and Broadway. As such he is not employed by any of the governments directly, and I doubt that he can be directly fired. Remember the big hassle about the governments trying to get proper timely reports out of the EDC? Would that have happened if he had a direct boss?
    As it is you might as well complain about the shows at the Temple Theater! I suspect it was set up like this on purpose, if it was truly government it would have to comply with the open meetings, and other transparency laws. This way they can make their deals in the dark, out of the public spotlight which might scare away some of their customers. Only their reports to the various governments are open to the public.
    Now this silly Goose has been wrong before so anyone that knows should feel free to correct me. H O N K!

  2. Patrick Henry says:

    Sorry Goose. You are sadly mistaken.

    Check this link: http://www.lcedc.com/aboutus.htm

    It says in the About Us section:

    “About Us
    enhancing opportunity
    for all citizens of Lee County
    The Lee County Economic Development Corp. is a nonprofit organization established to attract industry, enhance job opportunities and promote sound planning across Lee County.

    Funding is provided by the county, as well as the City of Sanford and Town of Broadway, the two county municipalities. The Lee County EDC also works closely with the Lee County Committee of 100, Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce and other community groups.”

    He’s my employee. I am his boss.

    While you’re at it, take a look at the good old boys club that make up the members:
    Economic Development Board
    Donny Hunter, Chairman
    O.A. “Buddy” Keller III, Vice Chairman
    John Daniel III, Secretary/Treasurer
    Tommy Mann Jr., Chairman Elect
    Albert Adcock
    Poly Cohen
    Jeremy Hathcock
    Richard Hayes
    Rep. Jimmy Love
    Bud Marchant
    Harry Miller
    Jeff Moss


  3. Goose & Patrick;

    The Board for the EDC has been altered a little. Commissioner Hayes has been replaced recently by Commissioner Womack. He’s hardly a good ole boy…actually, he’s more of an ignorant rookie (according to School Board good ole boys Tatum and Bonardi).

    Still, unfortunately, the EDC Board is dominated by those who believe incentives are fine and that local governments need to be financing the EDC efforts. Hints have been dropped by several of these prominent local figures that Lee County, Sanford, and Broadway need to be putting up even more capital to finance an expansion of the EDC to do broader work for local small businesses and to support the 2nd Century Initiative.

    Hope they aren’t holding their breath on that happening. Last time I checked, local governments were looking to curtail spending, not increase it.


  4. Patrick Henry says:

    More capital without accountability? Perfect. Just perfect.

    We, the taxpayers, have no clue if the capital (ie, taxpayer dollars) have been put to good use to begin with.

    Hmmm let me examine the group and some of its members:

    Poly – democrat
    Moss – extreme liberal who whines that we’ll shut down schools if he doesn’t get our money. He still thinks he’s in Beaufort County and has pretty much had a blank check because of that previous BOC. What’s the current drop out rate? Is it higher now among teachers or kids? What is he doing on the board? How in the world can that man know what it takes to bring businesses here? Hit myself on the head! He’s a great proponent for stealing taxpayer dollars.

    Love – we’ve already sent him home for spending too much. No wonder this board is so lopsided for taking our dollars. We just can’t get rid of him and Bob E.

    Buddy Keller – good grief.

    I’ll stop. I’m getting very sick to my stomach thinking about that board.


  5. Goose says:

    PH there is nothing in that “About Us” section (written by the EDC) that contradicts what I said in my post, so how am I “sadly mistaken”? BTW if you are his boss, you are doing a very poor job yourself! Honk.
    As for the good old boys club who did you expect? Do you know where they come from? According to a press release (Find on the media relations tab) dated 7/27/10 from the EDC. “Eight of the 12 board members are appointed by elected officials and represent local governments in Lee County, Sanford or Broadway. Four others serve in their executive positions, representing Central Carolina Community College, the Lee County Committee of 100, Lee County Schools or the North Carolina General Assembly.” I will let you pair up who represents who or you can go to the press release and see who was supposed to serve for 2010-2011. Honk honk!

  6. Patrick Henry says:

    Thanks for the compliment Goose. Realize most people out here don’t know that YES, they are funded by the county, City of Sanford, and Broadway. Goose, how is the county, the city and town of Broadway funded? I don’t see trees with money leaves.

    They are funded by me and you. We are the bosses. So when you want to slam me, you’re slamming yourself. Well done. And Honk right back at you.

    Understand I am demonstrating the “take back my country” mantra one step at a time. Why don’t you join? Or do you really like higher taxes and unaccountable incentive giving? I don’t. That’s why I voted for a true change on Nov 2.


  7. Goose says:

    What compliment PH? But here is one for you; I assume you know what the word “directly” means. As in “As such he is not employed by any of the governments directly,” or “can be directly fired.” Or “Would that have happened if he had a direct boss?”. Now I gave you credit for knowing that directly referred to your form of government. You vote for Supervisors, the BOS votes on whom to appoint to the board of the EDC, the EDC board appoints/hires Heuts. If that empowers you enough to feel you are his boss well you are living the dream…The flip side of it is that you are paying for what you get. Honk.
    Did you forget that I am a goose? I feed on all those nice green lawns humans provide, and I give poop in return. I provide nothing; I fund nothing and vote with my wings Honk. I haven’t seen any trees with money leaves, but I have spotted some nice little plots of pot, would that help Honk? I haven’t seen anybody try to demonstrate a mantra before, usually they just sit quietly and repeat it over and over to themselves Honk. “take back my country”? That should be fun to watch if you ever actually do anything. I think I could let you know when the feds are coming to give you the treatment the King’s men missed the first time. Honk honk I wonder if they will stretch your neck to be like mine or just lock you away. Oh that’s right you have already made your preference known Honk.
    BTW you never did explain how I was “sadly mistaken” reminds me of the blogger known as KFC here, he used to just ignore anything he was questioned on too. H O N K

  8. The "Outlaw" Josey Wales says:


    Don’t fly too high. I might see you. Lunch anyone?


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