We’re in the news again!

This is a good one! Seems one of our community churches is ticking off residents. Apparently Sanford has a noise ordinance that says if noise goes 30 feet, you might get a visit from our trusty law enforcers!

Brick City Community rocks on Sunday morning. I know I have visited and enjoyed the rock ‘n roll atmosphere, the smoke and the lights. But more than that, the preaching leaves you wanting more. Not too many churches do that anymore.

However, the complaint was about their Tues night practices. Maybe a new look at the ordinance would be deemed “vital” by a few of our esteemed leaders and the Herald. Hey, our neighborly mayor might deem it “vital” to add to her “civility” resolution! Especially since the pastor just said on WRAL it was BCC’s constitutional right (added by me: to freedom of expression). Oh no! Shhhhhh! That dastardly word “constitution” is rearing its head again. That will get somebody ticked at me. Bring it on!

All I can say is I think quite a few of us will be surprised when we get to Heaven. Something tells me Heaven isn’t about sitting on a pew with your arms crossed. I sense it’s a bit more.


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5 Responses to We’re in the news again!

  1. Nancy says:

    The noise ordinance should be revisited, obviously. Perhaps it should be changed so that noise has to be stopped at a certain hour of the evening. That is the way many homeowner associations handle this problem.

  2. That’s the sound of God calling, folks. Better answer while you still can. God Bless BCC!

    Pastor Maye- you rock!


  3. Goose says:

    Once upon a time I nested near that big Baptist Church in Jonesboro. Their bell tolling mournfully disturbed my rest so I flew over and it looked like they were having a funeral service. Well you only die once so I thought show some respect. The bell continued to toll as they formed up the long procession and left. They were long gone and still the bell tolled. Two hours later the bell was still tolling. I started to look for whom to call. Sanford Police? Nope they could do nothing. Called the church finally and got a recording that told me who to call for spiritual help. That man taught me a whole bunch of new words for disturbing him to tell him his bell was still tolling! Church noise is still Noise. HONK

  4. Pastor Bill says:

    Just caught your blog and liked it. It happened again… officer showed up tonight, no music was playing when he arrived and he really had an attitude. There’s one guy in the neighborhood that’s calling and the noise is barely audible at his house (cars driving by are louder). The police told me he calls every Tuesday like clockwork. When I went over to this guys house to reason with him he informed me that he would allow me to play on Sunday morning but he didn’t want to hear a peep on Tuesday night or any other night.

    The officers don’t even know what the noise ordinance says… and anyone with an enemy can have the noise ordinance used against them. The law needs to be changed and I’m going to see to it that it is!

    Stay tuned,
    Pastor Bill (BCC)

    • Pastor Maye;

      You can always count on the Founding Fathers to be there in prayer and deed. Several of us are willing to help you promote a change for the noise ordinance to permit free exercise of speech and worship. Some of us have had success accomplishing ordinance changes in the City of Sanford and we’ll be sure to offer those services where needed. I pray that the councilman from this ward, Charles Taylor, will do his part in helping out. He knows your church well, I’m told. Blessings…


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