It’s just your money…

being spent on the Temple again!

So in light of this news from the Fayetteville Observer (Published: 11:41 AM, Mon Feb 07, 2011),

Sanford, Harnett receive energy efficiency grants:

“….In Sanford, $67,385 was awarded for lighting retrofits and upgrades for the Temple Theatre. Temple Theatre is a community theater that presents stage shows throughout the year. The award requires a 50 percent match from other sources…”

Why is it that the Temple MUST have funds from our local budget to operate?  How many “no jobs” are going to generate with the stimulus money?  Probably no new ones at all.

$67,385 would fill alot of pantries that are empty due to unemployment.  But what do I know?  Oops.  I forgot. Bob Etheridge probably told the Gov to do it.   He needs the votes.

Just a wondering.


“Give me liberty, not liability.”

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4 Responses to It’s just your money…

  1. Well, if the Lee County Board of Commissioners’ new policy on funding requirements for non-profits is put into effect as presented tonight, then Temple Theater probably should be looking to begin local fundraisers right away. The new policy, unanimously approved, clearly requires the local non-profit to provide a “vital” service to the community and to enter into a contract to provide a bonafide service for the contracted fee they will receive. It would be quite a stretch to interpret the new policy to include favorable consideration of the Temple Theater as a recipient of local tax dollars.


  2. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Hmmmm…$67,385 for lighting retrofits and upgrades…sounds like a lot of CFL bulbs to me. There must be some plan in the works to make this building so well lit it will be visible from outer space. I wonder what the county’s matching dollars will be used to purchase?

  3. Patrick Henry says:

    Tickets. And votes.


  4. Tim L. Smith says:

    And, our local government wonders why there are financial shortfalls. The backs of the people are starting to buck. Both the citizens and government are entering into the beginning stages of self-preservation. My money is on the people.

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