If it’s Friday….

it’s Talking Points with the Founding Fathers!

Good news/Bad news Friday:

Bad news. Another Friday, another day of complete civil unrest in Egypt.  Our American journalists are being beaten up and detained.  Where’s Obama on this?  Inviting JLO for a chat Super Bowl Sunday.

 It’s Carter administration all over again.  Will a new Reagan commander step up and run in 2012 so we can get this deplorable President out of office?  I hope so.

Good news is the US Senators are now on record by their vote on repealing Obamacare.  We now officially know who wants to destroy America and who wants her to survive.  Now let’s get the thiefs out of their jobs, mainly Kay Hagan, and send her home. 

Good news – Finally, the incentive giving has come to a temporary halt.  Read the article in the Herald (must have paid access):

Local officials back out of Allied incentives deal
Read more: Sanford Herald – Local officials back out of Allied incentives deal

I suspect Bob Huets thought he would be able to put his spell on the new BOC and get whatever he wanted like he has been doing.  But this time it appears he was met with a brick wall and he went running away like a dog with his tail down.  If you don’t like my analogy, tough.  What else could have caused him to suddenly pull the request?  He’s never done that before because the previous BOC gave him a blank check.  Thank  you Richard Hayes and company.

Mixed review:  How did a known assailant get his job?  Yep, talking about the good old EX-EX-EX Congressman Bobby Etheridge and how his mistress, Beverly Perdue, gave him the important job of being overseer for stimulus funds.  Hello?  Do you think a single Republican business owner is going to benefit?  Absolutely not.  Bob is going to buy his way back to Washington.   Why is this a “mixed review”?  Because it’s good news he’s not in Washington doing damage anymore.  It’s bad news he’s in NC doing damage. 

Bad news:  Unemployment to continue to rise according to Washington bureaucrats.  Another day.  Another lie coming to surface.  Obama promised if the Stimulus 1 package wasn’t passed, unemployment would rise above 8%.  Remember the urgency?

Good news:   Washington Republicans are moving full steam ahead with spending cuts.  And the dems are threatening to shut down the government.  Go ahead and make my day. Shut it down.  We could use a break from the liberals attempt to ruin America.

That’s enough for now.

Have a good day.


“Give me liberty, not liability.”

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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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4 Responses to If it’s Friday….

  1. PH I think the Allied incentive deal was a little bit different than some of the Huets deals. For one thing it would be giving incentive to a firm that would be competing against two firms already established in Lee Co. without the benefit of incentives. I don’t remember where I read that the two firms were making noises about legal action if the incentive went through. Also I searched other places where Allied did business and though I found no actual charges there was the feeling that their business ethics in some locations left something to be desired. (I won’t make claims that I can’t back up, I am reporting my gut feeling, not facts.) The question remains did Huets pull the deal on his own or did Allied back out? Cato

  2. George;

    Allied definitely did not back out. The owner flew in here on his private jet a week ago to meet with local officials and determine why the Lee County EDC had gotten cold feet. So far as I know, Heuts withdrew the deal because he didn’t want to spoil his track record of 100% approval on the deals he presents to the BOC. He had been told he didn’t have the votes, so he didn’t want to waste his time presenting it.

    I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Allied Crawford. In fact, I imagine the owner will make the building purchase as planned and quietly make an attempt to secure state monies wherever they may be available. Even if they get no subsidies, I think Allied is coming here. After all, they know this is a good location that suits their business model.


  3. Patrick Henry says:


    Can we prove that? His selfishness could costs us jobs! And he doesn’t need to try and blame it on the BOC!


    • Yeah, it can be proved. In fact, the County Manager publicly admitted at the BOC meeting last night he has heard more information about Allied’s interests, but that he isn’t at liberty to disclose anything more about what the state might be doing for Allied.

      I think Allied is still planning to move to Lee County, even without local tax subsidies. I don’t know if Allied will come here without state subsidies, though. That remains to be seen. I highly doubt the state is planning to give away any more tax dollars on any incentive deals this small…their focus has shifted recently to balancing the budget.

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