If it’s Friday…

it’s Talking Points with the Founding Fathers!

Hello patriots!

Are you glad you’re in America today? If by the end of this post, you’re not?
Leave. Just leave.

Let’s look at some recent headlines:


“Egypt on Fire”
“Swiss hotel bombed”
“Spain jobless rate surges to 20.33%…”

“Breaking News: Ruling Party Headquarters of President Mubarak Is Reportedly on Fire in Cairo “
“Calm in Afghanistan Ends With Kabul Supermarket Blast”
“Homicide Bomber Kills 35 at Russian Airport” – Didn’t this use to say “suicide bomber”?

Ok, enough. I’m shuddering. But I am also thankful I live in America. I can sit right here in my house and worship God, anytime I want, anyway I want, and without retribution. There are no riots going on outside. There are no bombs dropping all around me. I am not starving. I can sleep knowing I am safe because of men and women who put their lives on the line for me. I am free.

Today is a good day. I live in America.

Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty, not liability.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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