If it’s Friday….

it’s Talking Points with the Founding Fathers…

Greetings patriots!

First let me say my thoughts and prayers are with Congresswoman Giffords, her family, and the families of the other victims. I don’t know what I would do if I lost a loved one to such an act or to anything!  I cringe at the thought. Please keep them in your prayers.

Now to the Talking Points….

When I read Eugene Robinson’s headline in the Sanford Herald that says, “Gun Control is the only possible response”, I wanted to puke. Yes, throw up. Are you serious? Tell me the last time a gun jumped off a shelf or out of a case and killed someone? Waiting…one…two…How about never?

A gun did not waltz across a grocery store parking lot and commit the massacre in Arizona. No, a deranged evil person did. The gun also didn’t follow Congresswoman Giffords around demanding answers to his/her (let’s not put a gender on the gun!) questions. No, a deranged, evil person did.

What you are not hearing broadcasted in the “mentally deranged” mainstream media is that the Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and other law enforcement knew this person was mentally unstable. And they did nothing about it. It wasn’t the gun. Why didn’t anyone care enough to help him? Surely, family members saw the signs.

And surely, our sheriff would not have been so ignorant to the signs. I can say I believe Carter would have put a tracking device on that madman. He’s done a fairly good job at tracking dead-beat dads and cleaning up crime here in our county. I wanted to clarify that because we have had some disagreements with the sheriff. I can’t fathom Carter saying this blog or any one on the right caused this.  

But alas, here’s the left taking advantage of a “crisis you cannot waste”, as Rahm Emmanuel put it so eloquently on several occasions, and attempting to spit on the Constitution again. The second amendment is for all, even those with malcontent on their minds. Prison, unlike the second amendment, is for criminals, like Jared. However, the left would prefer to make us all prisoners to their agenda. 

Earth to left:  I didn’t pull the trigger.  Stop trying to punish this law abiding citizen with your ridiculous reactions.

So Sanford, are you going to host an “exchange your gun for bread” event? Seems it really helped Durham curb the violence! (I’m laughing all the way to the bank on this one.) No, gun control doesn’t do that. Respect for others, for life and believing in something higher that we are accountable to does.

Here is a mixed view of stats from a flyer the Durham County police department put out. Crime is down but the numbers still are staggering!

“Violent crime decreased in Durham by 13 percent in the first nine months of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008. Violent crime includes incidents such as robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm, and homicides. In 2009, Durham reported 456 robberies with a firearm, 340 aggravated assaults with a firearm, and 12 homicides by firearm.” http://www.durhampolice.com/psn/sin_brochure.pdf

By the way, I like guns. They sit well in my attic until someone in my family decides to go hunting. Which isn’t often because we’re so freaking busy trying to protect our Creator – given rights to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from those intent on destroying them.


“Give me liberty, not liability.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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8 Responses to If it’s Friday….

  1. PH, Just to get you straight, are you saying demanding answers from our elected officials is wrong and/or only the actions of a deranged evil person?
    That Sheriffs should have the power ‘to do something about’ people they think may be mentally unstable. Does KFC have a tracking device? I think that LEOs can haul one in for evaluation and that is about it
    It sounds like you are in favor of 2ndamendment light, Ok to have long guns for hunting tools, but not real weapons that could be used for real defense. It does not say hunting tools. It says arms. At that time an arm was dual purpose. It could put meat on the table or an enemy in the ground. At that time we were the deranged ones, thinking we could govern ourselves. You Sir already have one foot in the leftist camp.

  2. Patrick Henry says:

    Oh No! George, you misunderstood the posting.

    I tried to make it clear GUNS are not the problem, people are. Oh my goodness.
    Couldn’t you see this? Guns are not deranged. Jared was. People knew it. And did nothing. And in this case he had been proven a “mental case”. Proven! Geez, we’ll put something on a cooking diva, Martha Stewart, who harms no one but the meat on her cutting board and we let mental cases loose. Something’s wrong here.

    To be honest, the 2nd amendment was to protect us against a TYRANNICAL government. Happy hunting, happy protecting. I am so sorry you misunderstood.

    I am appalled at Peter King for even introducing legislation that guns need to be banned a 1000 feet from any official. Huh? And he’s a Republican! How close do snipers have to be to hit targets? Good grief. Guns are not the problem!!! People are.
    He must go hunting with Cheney who can’t see his targets clearly.

    But to me what this legislation is really saying is “we are better than you and you can’t come close.” Hogwash. They put their pants on the same way we do – one leg at a time. It’s another classic example of elitism. Maybe they should introduce legislation for us – you know legislation that bans a congressman from attacking kids on a sidewalk. Ha, that will be a cold day down under.

    I forgot about KFC – Hmmm. KFC doesn’t need a tracker. He needs valium. Prozac. And apparently alot of attention. All talk. I do not in any means want this conversation to be diverted to KFC or for anyone to think we are comparing him to the AZ madman. That is totally unfair and wrong. I have more respect for him than Jared.



  3. George and Patrick;

    Agree entirely. Loughner was a nut case, as was McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber with his USPS-enabled attacks, and myriad others. Truth is, guns are only a means to an ends. Knives are also effective as are explosives (except in the underwear and shoe bombers’ cases) . In fact, I think I could devise a way of killing people with Q-Tips. Should I be required to register my ear swabs? In introducing gun control or gun management legislation, Peter King and his peers are merely bureaucratizing and restricting the process of gun ownership which chips away at the foundation of the Second Amendment. The Brady Law did the same thing. Constitutional fundamentalists like us must insist on saying “no” to each and every case like this on the basis of fundamental first principles. Otherwise, we will lose this republic.


  4. Patrick, you must be a great politician! I ask questions about your positions and you change the subject.
    Are you saying demanding answers from our elected officials is wrong/deranged/evil or are you not?
    That Law enforcement should be the judge of mental health or not?
    I only mentioned KFC because he was in the habit of asking questions of both elected officials and candidates, I wasn’t trying to claim that he was deranged or evil, but that it sounded from your post that a Sheriff should have the right to “tag” him. Just to tie up some loose ends, I will stipulate that Jared was judged a mental case. Martha was dumb enough to lie to federal officials about an insider trading case that it appears she wasn’t directly involved in. I don’t agree with the law but it can be traced all the way back to the bible (false witness)
    2nd Amendment, the TYRANNICAL government it was designed to protect us against was our own!
    Why mention Cheney? If you had ever done that type of hunting you should know that there are quite a number of near misses where one hunter gets out ahead of the gun line, the birds take to the wing, guns start blasting with the attention on the birds, not the out of position gunner.
    Publius, “Agree entirely.” with whom? (Another politician!).I have already stipulated that Loughner had mental problems but McVeigh cited the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents as motivation for the OK City bombing of April 19, 1995, and I am not sure about him. What about John Parker at Lexington, April 19, 1775? I have stated before that I think the Republic is long lost, only a shell remains.

  5. Patrick Henry says:

    I stated my positions already. It isn’t guns that cause havoc it’s people.

    The guy was a “mental” case. The police knew it. The family knew it. The friends knew it. The community college he went to knew it. How many people need to know you’re mental before someone stops and tries to help? If they had there might not be 6 people dead and one badly injured Congresswoman in the hospital. My God, it is OUR responsibility to take action to protect ourselves and speak up when it’s necessary. If you see a child being beaten in a grocery store, are you going to ask how many people need to see it before it’s stopped? If you see a drunk getting in a car, are you going to try to find out where they are going or are you going to take the keys away and call a cab or the cops if needed? No need to keep making that argument anymore.

    No, No, No I don’t want gun control. Why mention Cheney? Good lord, George, lighten up. I can’t believe I misled our readers that bad.


  6. Yes you have stated your position, but yet again you failed to answer my questions about those positions. I stipulated that Jared was judged a mental case, so why beat a dead horse to make a point that we agree on? “No need to keep making that argument anymore.”-PH. So why did you do so? I will ‘lighten up’ when and if you stop ranting!
    You brought up Cheney, Why? Are you saying he is a mental case that should lose his gun rights because of a hunting accident, or do you just like to attack people that the Left has picked to be a villain? In my opinion you have a tendency to bring in subjects that have nothing to do with the points you are trying to make.
    To take your two latest. Unless the child beating is severe enough to do lasting physical harm, I will NOT interfer with the parent who is trying to correct behavior. As for your drunk, I would call law enforcement or try to talk him out of driving. (you said getting in a car not driving) I am NOT going to try to take his keys since that would make me a thief and might get me involved in a fight. But enough of this side nonsense. You sound more and more like a leftist elitist.

  7. Patrick Henry says:

    Then you are sorely wrong about who I am! Cheney was a joke about Peter K. The other examples were only to emphasize a point.

    If you only knew ……you would understand the sarcasm and satire used in my postings.

    I still enjoy the dialog and hope it continues.


  8. Sorry PH but the more I read your examples, the firmer my mental picture of you shows left wing elitist world views. I could well be wrong, it is hard to judge someone just from their off-the-cuff writings, but you can be sure that I will try to point them out. Example; you know better than the parent if a child needs behavior modification? Classic nanny state line! The drunk, you should be the one to take the keys (because you have experience dealing with drunks?), not his friends or the barkeep or law enforcement, but you the elite that know nothing about him except he is drunk. Of course you and Publius know more about the mental status of the AZ shooter than the people in his life. As the kids say “Get Real!”

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