Welcome to 2011 and Lee County suspense!

Well, if this doesn’t get this patriot fired from posting, nothing will.

Welcome friends.  Welcome to another year of charades from our Board of Education, the superintendent, and others.  I am seriously looking forward to some sanity on the Board of Commissioners.  It will be a genuine breath of fresh air!

Now to my point:  I’m sort of sure the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t like the way we’ve been put on the map, but then again, neither do the taxpayers.  Somebody come clean about Ashley and the “weapon” is what I’ve been saying all week to my significant other.  And for the school board to just stay quiet until the national media gets involved, is predictable.  Not only did they stay too quiet, then they espoused anger at the media!  Another example of shoot the messenger, not the message.  I think we’ve seen so much of that around here already.

Kudos to the Sanford Herald for sticking to their story and the reason behind it.  Thanks Bill and Billy!

Strangers are irate.  My in-laws say we are baffoons up here.  Geez!  What a first impression to the rest of the world.

But let’s take this a bit further.  Seems our “let’s vote him in before vetting” superintendent has a tendency to want to prove a point.  Just read Sunday’s Herald.  He was hired way too soon after the last disgraced superintendent had to resign.  I’m not the only one thinking that.

It also appears Mr. Moss believes he has an open-ended checkbook when it comes to your dollars.  He cries about laying off poor teachers while hiring at Central Office.  Hmmm.  According to the Beaufort Observer, the local paper in Beaufort County, that’s a precedent as well.  Of course, he isn’t the end all to the give-aways.  Blame past county commissioner and school boards for saying “here get what you want”!

Here’s some 2008 articles pulled from the Beaufort Observer.

Please read below and make your own observation (no pun intended).

Jeff Moss has bankrupted our school system…in more ways than one while the school board and county commissioners fiddle while Rome burns

Delma Blinson

December 16, 2008
Editorial note: This article was written before the Lee County Board of Education voted to offer Moss the superintendency there. We continue with it here in the hopes that it will help our school board and county commissioners learn something from this tragedy.

Beaufort County and the Beaufort County Schools are in serious financial trouble. The County because of the school system. Here’s the situation in an oversimplified nutshell:

Here’s another story!

Moss leaving for Lee County as schools face potential financial crisis

Jay Niver & Delma BlinsonDecember 16, 2008
Beaufort County Schools are losing Supt. Jeff Moss at a time when they are one major emergency away from insolvency.


I’m just curious as to why the Lee County Taxpayers, the ones who pay his salary, were not informed of this BEFORE he was hired.  As with our commissioners and anyone else in public office, we have a right to  know.  (Added by editor:  I meant anyone in that KIND of office that has say over where our tax dollars need to go.)

Oh well, a day late and a dollar short for us – AGAIN.


“Give me liberty, not liability.”

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3 Responses to Welcome to 2011 and Lee County suspense!

  1. …might get you fired from posting??? I don’t think so.

    To the contrary, you are hereby promoted to lead author!

    The entire Smithwick situation is a travesty. Even though not all the facts are yet disclosed in this matter, each new day brings even more disturbing information that illustrates just how broken our LCS communications are. I have no idea just how far this will go before the lawyers take over. You can set your watch by this fact– in the end, our taxpayers will be the ultimate losers because they will be the billpayers for any ‘damages’ that are documented and approved by a judge. Our only hope is that someone with some sanity and authority will intercede before this girl’s life is wrecked and the family retains a law firm that specializes in 7-figure civil cases.


  2. Patrick Henry says:

    Too late. The girl’s life is already wrecked. Time for the family to get a lawyer to put an end to this. I hope Ashley gets a book deal. And a made for tv movie. It has all the characteristics of a good one.


  3. Goose says:

    Something smells like goose poop! Here I was on one of my trips up North and I started getting questions from my gaggle (family) about the nut job school board here in Sanford. I don’t have Internet access up there but I was able to find a public library that I could get the Sanford Herald online edition on. I read the story but couldn’t believe it. I think I know the family involved and they can be a bit stubborn but it looked like a bit of overkill on the school board’s part. Unless there were drugs found the Sanford police department nor the district attorney should not be involved with the weapons charge. Guns or explosives yes but not a little kitchen knife. Moss claims that the family/media is the source of the claim about how the knife was found and claims that the girl is not under long term suspension (I wonder what he calls it?) See his short post on the Lee Co. schools site
    Then I get back in the sunny South and read about how Moss messed up the finances of his last employer. I was never a Moss fan but it sure sounds like someone should be taking a long hard look at his current budget. (I have taken a look before but unless you have his code of accounts book it is pretty much meaningless, just a list of coded accounts and the dollar amounts) At least with the county budget there are some account descriptions.
    It all makes me wonder if I should join with some of my misguided non migrating geese up North, with this down jacket that I was born with I can stand the Cold much better than I can take the Heat. The Goose Poop seems to be getting pretty deep in Lee Co. these days. H O N K !

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