Nice display of arrogance!

Let me be the first to congratulate Mr. Hayes for his letter to the editor.  I mean, seems to me he’s wanting kudos, lollipops, balloon, popcorn, drinks and endless high fives for his term as Board of Commissioner chair.   A party at Depot park, perhaps, Mr. Hayes?  What else?

If high unemployment, disgraced actions at board meetings, secrecy, pick and choose “who will succeed” incentives, and higher taxes is what you think “was good”, God help us if you ever become chair again.   His letter was arrogant and showed just how disconnected from its citizens the previous board was!  Hopefully, our new BOC will govern under the assumption that government should be  “for the people” not “to the people” (as Mr. Hayes and friends portrayed).  That they will show respect for the Constitution and what it stands for!

But alas, my friends, it is a new day in Lee County.  Congratulations are in order for Ms Shook as she withstood the atrocious attacks on her character and values this election season.   Actually, those attacks have been constant since she was elected chair of the Lee GOP. 

Linda is an example of what our elected officials should strive to be.  She has integrity and class.  She’s also  a better person than me to have taken the heat from  the bug hunter and be the last one standing.   I’m not as confident that I would have been as “nice.” 

But what’s really surprising is the epiphany our good friend, Doc, must have had!  I’m not too sure I understand the change of heart but it is welcomed. 

Now, as pointed out before, commissioners – listen to us.   We are empowered again.  We saw our country slipping and have yanked it back from the pits of hell.  We plan on keeping it that way.


“Give me liberty, not liability.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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1 Response to Nice display of arrogance!

  1. Alexander Hamilton says:

    You can usually tell a tree by its fruits…same for a liberal.

    Deposed King Richard was so attached to his former position he actually put his own name into nomination Monday seeking a repeat stint as Chairman. Arrogant is spelled with two “r’s” isn’t it? (The other commissioners apparently were unwilling to embarrass themselves in pitting Richard against Linda Shook for the chairmanship so he had to nominate himself.)

    Notably, even in defeat, Richard felt compelled to tell the voters how much he disagreed with them in their decision to remove tax-and-spend liberals from office- here and all across the country. He even touted the recent half-cent increase in local sales taxes as an “accomplishment” he was proud of.

    Yep, that tree is easily recognizable, and the fruit it bears isn’t worthy of consumption.

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