If it’s Friday…

it’s talking with the Founding Fathers!  Part 2…

I think this would be a delightful idea to continue every Friday for any of the Founding Fathers to do.

So let it begin with me.   I found this at the American Heritage website and feel it is quite appropriate for the times:

At Lincolns Tomb
by Everett McKinley Dirksen

On the night of Good Friday, 1865, he left us to join a blessed procession, in neither doubt nor fear, but his soul does indeed go marching on. For this was the Bible-reading lad come out of wilderness, following a prairie star, filled with wonder at the world and its Maker, who all his life, boy and man, not only knew the Twenty-third Psalm but, more importantly, knew the Shepherd. Now it seems possible that we shall never see his like again. This is a sobering thought, but it should be a kindling one, for upon us now, as a people and a party, has been laid perhaps the greatest responsibility any nation was ever asked to shoulder, yet certainly not greater than we can bear. Our days are no longer than were Lincoln’s, our nights are no darker, and if there is any difference between his time and this it lies in the tremendous advantage that is ours, that he stood so tall before us.  In such a time and at such a moment we surely can say then, from hopeful, brimful hearts:

We are standing, Father Abraham, devoted millions strong, firm in the faith that was yours and is ours, secure in the conviction bequeathed by you to us that right does make might and that if we but dare to do our duty as we understand it, we shall not only survive
–we shall prevail.


About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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1 Response to If it’s Friday…

  1. Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan are personal heroes of mine. Both overcame obstacles to become two of the greats in American History. Both were challenged every step of the way and both stood tall in the face of adversity. Both had a grasp of the gravity of the political process in America and both combatted evil as if there was not other acceptable solution short of complete victory. Thanks for this post. It reminds us all of the stakes on November 2nd!


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