An addendum to “Munchkin Politics”

No, this isn’t an apology for anything in that post.  It’s just ironic that Tamara has the gall to write on munchkin blogger’s site – E-Lee Disgust:

“With election day less than a week away, some candidates can really let desperation take over their actions and decisions. Shenanigans and ugly politics can, unfortunately,  rule the political atmosphere. Voters are subjected to lies, negative attacks on opponents, unethical behavior and outright bribes. This type of behavior during election season seems to be increasingly worse with every cycle.  It is bad enough that this happens on a national level. However, the fact that this awful conduct is happening in Lee County is very upsetting and breaks my heart.”

Especially:  “Voters are subjected to lies, negative attacks on opponents, unethical behavior and outright bribes.”  Tamara, look in your own backyard!  Where did the negative attacks (which you nor your editor will show proof), unethical behavior (your editor), and outright bribes get their start?  From your posts and your editor’s.  Maybe you should get in the car with him while he’s driving from Steele Street (BOE) to Tramway Road (McSwain) looking for trouble.  Do some real “Talking with Tamara”. 

I hope you can sleep at night.  


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3 Responses to An addendum to “Munchkin Politics”

  1. Patrick;

    Unless I miss my guess, it seems that Ms. Brogan is speaking of both political parties and even those outside the parties who seek to denigrate the political process. If I am correct in surmising her points are aimed at all parties, I echo her sentiments.

    The reports are legion regarding voter fraud, ballot purchasing, sign removals, chalk marks, politically motivated denial of handicapped parking, abject lies about candidate resumes and qualifications, unsigned malicious letters, malicious gossip, and of course all the ‘spin’ that goes with every public statement by candidates.

    It seems that even devout Christians are vulnerable to wallowing in the cesspool of activities that defines a typical election cycle. Let’s pray we’ve seen the worst of it, and that we can proceed to Nov 2nd without having to mobilize any more retired peace officers.


  2. Patrick Henry says:

    What’s happened to the “Butch is for 911, Womack isn’t ad?” I haven’t seen it in days in the Herald! Tracy’s pic is missing off the new ads.

    Was the heat too much on Butch or on “Tracy”?


    • Butch got some advice to leave that issue alone. His opponent is on the record in multiple forums of being a strong supporter of the county’s 9-1-1 system and for wanting not to waste local taxpayer dollars on a study that the feds are already paying for. The County Manager himself admits the county didn’t need to spend county money on this initiative. Butch has moved on to being the protector of public education. And he does this with a picture of Jeff Moss on his direct mail card. That won’t win him many votes from school teachers — to whom he was trying to pander for votes. Teachers are really flabbergasted at the School Board and Board of Commissioners for allowing senior school administrators to get raises while teacher salaries remained flat and teachers aides were let go. Seems as if Butch can’t get a toe-hold on any issue. Perhaps he needs more time at his watering hole in North Myrtle Beach.

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