Munchkin politics!

Somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the heat of the fight, we can always find our trusty KC.  Another scandal and who is allegedly the “informant”?  KC.  And who allegedly is the culprit – the GOP.  Talk about a sore loser.  Good grief, Keith.  And you say on your blog you are going to chill after the election.  We’re not

So the Herald is suggesting we vote against those intimidating us.  Keith’s not on the ballot.  Wait, yes he is.  His pseudonym is under the desguise of “Jimmy” and Andy.  So I can vote against him. 

And now munchkin blogger has decided it wasn’t just enough to contact Ms. Kimble and voice his petty complaints about the GOP.  No, no, he contacted the lawyers on the board.  Is there no integrity at all in your bones, KC? 

Paper reads: “According to Hager, Clark had evidence that indicated Republicans had crossed the barriers at Lee early voting sites and were “harassing” voters. “

Mr. Hagar, this patriot wants to know,  did you bother to do some background research to see if it was true?  Or does KC hold the same spell over you that he does with the commissioners, school board and  anyone else within his reach?
Read more: Sanford Herald – GOP s board of elections rep resigns over disagreements

Now, KC and the co-conspirators have  decided to hire off duty officers at my expense.  I bet.  Oh no I bet those officers will be from our sheriff’s department.  How much do you want to bet the plan was laid out all in advance?  Bait and switch.  Well, isn’t that just dandy.  Of course, our Democratic sheriff would agree!  We expect nothing less.

Here’s another quote from the paper:  “Despite the GOP protests, Hager said early voting conduct, as well as photos that seemed to prove Republican operatives crossed polling place lines, merited direct action from local election officials.”  Yes it does.  It warrants the Board of Elections  finding out if it’s the truth or one of them half-truths that KC posts on his blog no matter who it hurts or destroys.  The word “seemed” in this context is suggesting “guilty before proving innocence.”  That’s upholding your oath!

Read more: Sanford Herald – GOP s board of elections rep resigns over disagreements

If there is so much proof, and you are confident of it, show us the pictures.  I’m sure KC is smart enough to modify pictures with software.  Can we see the proof? 

Does all this “protection” mean the officers will kick KC off the grounds too?  His presence is intimidating.  Well, intimidating to those who don’t know how to deal with a bully. 

So now we can officially call Sanford – The Land of Oz. 


Dorothy – Tamara Brogan -click your heels, girl.

Good witch – Jimmy Love (no kidding this man can do no wrong even when he does so portraying him in this limelight is fitting).

Bad witch (munchkin blogger would cast Linda Shook for this part)

The Monkees – KC’s followers. 

The ScareCrow – he needs a brain – guess who that might be!  Backups:  the Board of Commissioners excluding Hayes.  He’s further down.  Excludes Shook – she’s not afraid of anything.

The Tin Man – he needs a heart.  Include this one with Scarecrow. 

The Cowardly Lion – Doc Oldham.

And the Wizard – Sheriff Carter and backups:  Stumpf, Hayes- They sure know how to pull those puppet strings of KC to do the dirty work.

You know, the more these opinion pieces come out the madder I get at the Democrats and KC.  Therefore, YES, I will take the advice of the Herald and will vote against the ones harassing me.  And the ones trying to destroy my country.   Thanks for the idea!

Patriots – Be on the look out for a preview of the new “Wizard of Oz” on November 2. 

The good thing about the officers at the polls is now the left can’t pull the dirty tricks they normally do.  Or at least it might deter them. 

So patriot friends, make sure you take your cameras when you go to the polls next week.  And if you’ve already voted, take your lunch hour and ride to each to see what the left is up to.  Actually you’ll probably find lunch being served and free cigarettes somewhere if you’ll go to the polls and vote Democrat.  They wrote the playbook.  And the cover has KC all over it.


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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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2 Responses to Munchkin politics!

  1. The "Outlaw" Josey Wales says:

    Deny all you want. They gave them out all over the country in 2000, 2004, 2008. Are you denying anyone in Lee County would? That’s ludicrous. If they stoop so low to draw chalk figures to imitate a crime scene in front of GOP headquarters, steal signs, etc, they will do anything.

    These actions don’t need to happen if your candidate is viable, honest, and trustworthy. Well, in that case, we can kick them all out of Raleigh and Washington.


  2. The "Outlaw" Josey Wales says:

    My previous response was not to Patrick Henry. Just want to make sure everyone knows that. Someone else had posted before that.


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