Insanity abounds!

I’ve thought and pondered if it would be worth my precious time to respond to some things in the Sanford Herald this morning.  Should I?   More than likely, we’ll read something else on Billy’s blog or in the paper about our comments.  It probably won’t be flattering.

But then I was reminded of the “radical” inside of me and said, “Heck Yeah!”  I see the munchkin blogger is tooting the article with all its might.  While in many many other articles he claims the Herald is just a mouthpiece for Linda Shook and the GOP Termites!  Classic example of doublespeak.

So, to the Sanford Herald and mad blogger- the endorsement of Jimmy Love was expected.  After all, how many times did we hear about the “satellite” mess?  Barely heard a word about how Jimmy voted.   Mad blogger must be happy today! 

However, both of you stating or semi-stating that Jimmy Love has nothing to do with the corruption going on in Raleigh is ludicrous!  It’s what I call a half truth.  Sure, maybe Jimmy, oops sorry, Jim, hasn’t chartered any flights from the “Raleigh Jetport” or bought any coastal property at half the price it’s truly worth like the previous governor did, but he sure has quite a few of “Ayes” beside  legislation on the NC General Assembly website that caused my taxes to be raised among other things.  And I question them.

The article says, “Jimmy Love Sr. can’t be blamed for the concentration of power in Raleigh, power which has proven to corrupt and guide so many legislators to favor self-interest over altruistic service.” Read more: Sanford Herald – Our View Love for District 51 N C House

If I read this opinion piece correctly, Jim’s eyes and ears must have been shut the entire 14 years he spent on Jones Street.  Is that correct?  If he saw the corruption, I would think his oath he took to become a lawyer would mean something and he wouldn’t sit idly by turning his head.  Wouldn’t you? 

And he COULD have said NO to the racial justice act.  But he didn’t.  So are we back in the Clinton era where it depends on what the meaning of “is” is?  No means NO.  Jim could have said, “NO,  I will not vote for releasing criminals back on the street just because someone MIGHT have said some slur against them.”  But he chose not to.  A criminal is a criminal, no matter what color his/her skin happens to be.

So please, you could have saved your breath, ink, paper and blog  space trying to convince me he should stay there.  I just don’t believe it nor will many others who have sat idly by voting for him election after election.

Let me use an analogy that’s easier to understand:   You’d like the lunatics that are in charge now to stay in charge!   Then you get what you deserve if Jim and others like him go back – massive government, hands in the candy jars representatives, teapot museums, corruption and all kinds of debt that your children and mine will never pay off.

Munchkin blogger – Let me give you a real quote you can refer back to.  It explains your ideology.  It’s from one of the most famous intellectuals of all time, Albert Einstein:  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

Jimmy won’t fix the issue.  He’s had 14 years and hasn’t done a thing.  Why should I trust him now?  Another true example of what is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander…that is if you’re a Democrat.

One more thing, this patriot doesn’t need a paper’s endorsement nor a sheriff’s  nor a wizard’s to tell me who to vote for.  I am perfectly capable of figuring that one out myself.  It’s a crying shame if anyone does. 

But if we did, we’d find out Charlie is too old, Amy is too quiet, Butch – even the paper couldn’t explain this one, Jim is so-so best choice, Womble wombles, Linda is a loud mouth and entertaining so let’s keep her.   I can hardly wait to see which one of these two makes the cut:  Renee or Bob. 


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6 Responses to Insanity abounds!

  1. John Hancock says:

    My Esteemed Colleague Patrick;

    Surely you didn’t think the Herald was going to endorse Mike Stone over Jimmy Love, or that the Herald was going to address Love’s liberal voting record. Naw, that would be way too risky. Too many left of center, Sanford good old boys who have their wagons hitched to Love’s horse right now. The Herald has to stay in their good graces to survive as a local rag. Not so much with the conservatives. You see, conservatives cherish freedom of the press and will tolerate misguided endorsements much more freely than their left-leaning counterparts.

    Several of us who blog to this site have been 100% correct in anticipating the Herald’s endorsements thusfar. Here are the ones we expect in the coming days (assuming the Herald chooses to endorse):

    1. Bob Atwater over Roger Gerber. Rationale: Democrat Atwater is expected to win again with a comfortable margin. He’s a soft-spoken and polished moderate Dem who doesn’t have much of a reputation here or in Raleigh. He doesn’t have any significant character flaws and hasn’t been criminally prosecuted. Nod to Atwater. (Oh, did I forget to mention he had a well spoken and highly educated opponent, Roger Gerber, who is running on a campaign of school reform and reduced spending?) Nod to Atwater. It’s the safe thing to do.

    2. Renee Ellmers over Bob Etheridge in the NC 2nd Congressional District. Again, this is too easy. Etheridge upset a lot of folks with his dogmatic and highly visible support of Pelosi’s agenda in Washington. He sealed his media fate with his viral “Who are You?” video. He has embarrassed us all and he has to pay penitence. Interestingly, though, he’s still up by six points in the polling and Renee is struggling to raise money to counter his ads. Backing Elmers won’t cost the Herald any subscribers, and it won’t swing the election for Ellmers. So, the endorsement of this republican is permissible. Nod to Ellmers.

    3. Richard Burr over Elaine Marshall. This one might get a little more discussion, but, again, should be easy to forecast. The Herald likes to go with the winner, and Burr’s polling numbers look pretty solid right now. Marshall is a weak candidate and shrill on the campaign trail. She isn’t getting traction and time is running out. The Herald won’t hurt its readership by endorsing Burr, and therefore, nod to Burr.

    See if my prognostications aren’t accurate…


    • John, pretty good analysis, but I disagree with number two; I guess it comes down to who really rules the roost over at the Herald. If the old cock, Horner, does it will probably go your way, but the new rooster seems to love Bobby Esteridge. The Herald has already wasted a lot of ink defending him and his voting record, when the “Who are you” video came out they downplayed it and said it was a one day wonder, that people would forget about before they went to the polls. Reading between the lines, old Bobby was smart enough to make a point of stroking the Editor every time he came to town. Horner did not restrain Billy running up to the election, so why should he start now? I expect to see an argument like what was used to support Love. This might be too much for B3 to swallow and he might put his foot down when it comes down to the endorsement. Remember there has been recent sniping at Ellmers because she failed to appear at the Herald’s forum. I expect there will be mention of her thin experience, better to stick with the guy we know is a good old boy, Yada, yada, yada. Only if Ellmers looks like the winner will she get the endorsement.


  2. Patrick Henry says:

    Vladmir – refer to the “If it’s Friday” post…Wizard of Oz reference concerning good witches, bad witches, clicking heels, etc.

    I followed your name to your blog. I expected to see a posting from Dracula!

    But alas, my fellow citizen, I fight for freedom for you too. Freedom to speak as you do.

  3. Bill Clinton says:

    So Mr. Love has not voted the way some may have liked him too on some issues…and the answer is to elect someone like Mike Stone. A person with a history of Satellite theft, black market DVD sales, porn DVD sales, illegal poker machines, ABC violations, repeat minimum housing code violations, owes money to the Secretary of State, and if you look a little further……you’ll find much more.

    This is the person you’d rather have making the laws for you?

    Mr. Love is not the perfect choice. I agree. However, we Republicans picked the wrong guy to run.

    Read more: Sanford Herald – Our View Love for District 51 N C House

  4. Patrick Henry says:


    I am merely pointing out the insane idea that Jim needs 2 more years to fix the corruption problem. Excuse me? He’s had long enough. Time for fresh meat. Even if the meat has a twang to it.

    The playing game is different. Let Mike go up there and not do what WE the people tell him to do and he’ll be sent home. I could care less who he is in town. Or which party he belongs to. I’ll be leading the brigade to Raleigh to set him straight. Trust me on that one.

    We voted Bill Clinton in, didn’t we? Well not me. I voted for the old guy at the time.
    Sorry don’t mean to upset you.

    My perfect candidate is: they don’t exist. Reagan isn’t alive anymore. But he sure was close. And Jesus isn’t on the ballot. I’m sure the Democrats are thankful for that.

    I might add though I’d take Sheriff Bizzell or Arizona Joe anyday.


  5. Good post. Did you read my response to the SH-Board on this? Their own reasoning is flawed. And to actually say 70? Geesh, what a bunch of amateurs! HS newspaper boo-boos! Good blog. I need to ad more commentary, but being away has its drawbacks.

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