He’s Proud!

Wow, I come home from a hard day’s work and didn’t expect to get cartoons in the mail.  But I did.  Amongst the bills, the usual flyers with burger deals, haircuts and good old Mutual Omaha ad, I found this Jimmy Love flyer …

First of all, Jimmy, I don’t like you.  So take this patriot off your mailing list.  If the Dems think sending me all this info on you is a joke, well, I might just buy up all the chalk in town so they can make all kinds of outlines of defeated candidates on the walls of their HQ.  How about that?  I’ll send them to the  Dem VP chair’s attention.    Would you like pastel colors or the traditional white? 

Secondly, there is nothing conservative about a Democrat who has INCREASED our taxes…Does $1.9 billion come to mind?  Remember?  Last summer or the one before?    Surely you know what I’m referring to.  I’m surprised you’re even close to Mike Stone in polling considering all those state employees you, the other Jones Street boys and the gov furloughed. 

 Oh, I love this statement, well, pictures say it better:

It says in the smaller print, “Government has got to live within its means.  It’s that simple…etc”  Wow.

Third, conservatives don’t believe in releasing criminals.  That must have been one of those tough decisions.  I guess the dems are a little slack on voters this year and need to buy a few more.  Hey I’m just looking at the previous elections and see the evidence.

Nor do conservatives believe in the massive intrusion of government that we see you and Andy (guess who that is) have instituted with The Database! 

Oh, I see you say you went through the budget line by line, cutting costs and saving taxpayer dollars.  Let’s review how you have served us:

First let’s make note of this:  



Where are the jobs, Jimmy?

HB 2 – Prohibit smoking in public places.  Yeah, Jimmy.  You just cut the profit of businesses not the state’s fat.  Please tell me how you can justify this?  If it wasn’t for big tobacco the state really would be broke. 

H 8 – Prohibit cell phones in prison.  Bravo Jimmy!  This is mute since you want to let them out.  Good try though.  You could have taxed that you know!

HB 76 – School Board filing fee – Another bravo, Jim!  May I call you Jim?  This is a tax. Otherwise, where is it going?

HB 88 – Healthy Youth Act – Jim, what do you have against chocolate milk?  You tax the production of chocolate milk from the cow (yea you tax the owner) to when it’s in the container to my table.  Isn’t that enough?

HB 102 – Healthcare Appropriations – Jim, where did you go that day?  I see an “Excused Absence” for you on the NC General Assembly website (http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/gascripts/BillLookUp/BillLookUp.pl?Session=2009&BillID=H102

HB 121 – Dang another Excused Absence on the Regulation of golf carts…

HB 206 – Affordable Housing for Local Employees – I see on the General Assembly website you voted Yes for  Edgecombe county and Transylvania county.  If the Board of Education in these counties is not paying their employees enough money to rent a place, that’s not my problem.  I say, “Get another job.”  It’s not my responsibility OR YOURS to provide affordable housing.   Hey, I thought Dracula lived in Transylvania County.  If he does, I can see why – suck all the blood from the peasants while you can.  He should run for office. He’ll fit right in.

HB 394 – Raleigh Motor Vehicle – towns can levy not more than $25 …”shall be used exclusively for transportation‑related purposes, including sidewalks.”   Jim, what is the DOT fund for and what are the gas taxes we pay for?

On that thought, let me educate our readers.  While Jimmy, sorry, Jim has been in office, we’ve seen the cap lifted from the gas tax our state levies against every gallon. 

Actually, here’s what WRAL.COM was reporting last year:

N.C. gas-tax cap disappears July 1

Posted: June 29, 2009

Beginning July 1, the cap on North Carolina’s gasoline tax will become the tax base, and there will be no limit to how high it can go.

The tax was set to drop Wednesday from 29.9 cents per gallon to 27.8 cents, but legislation signed into law earlier this month now sets the minimum for the next two years at 29.9 cents.

The Department of Transportation said that because of it, the state lost $400 million in potential revenue over the past six months that could have been used to fix roads.

Keeping the tax at 29.9 cents will generate an estimated $50 million from July 1 to December 31, the DOT predicts.

The gas tax, which is tied to the wholesale price of fuel, is set every six months. The next time it can be increased is December.

North Carolina drivers are paying an average of $1.35 per gallon less than this time last year. Without a cap, a gallon would have been more than 10 cents higher.


Jim I’m glad you’re proud.  But you were there when this happened. These type of tax increases hit every body – from the janitor to the boss.  Just like everything else you’ve voted for.  Not just the filthy rich (those making over $250,000 to your party). After all you’re a Democrat and every time your party opens its mouth it tells me how horrible the CEO of my company is, how horrible I am for wanting to keep the money I earn, and how horrible capitalism is.  Seems to me you’ve made quite a bit of money off of all three.  Fiscal Conservative?  I don’t think so.  “Joker” is more like it.

Patrick Henry

Please “Give me LIBERTY, or give me death.”

About Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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