Butch Johnson’s Campaign

BREAKING NEWS:  We’ve just received reports that Butch Johnson’s campaign, referred to as the SS Johnson, has been overwhelmed by talking points from disaffected hack blogger L. Keith Clark (affectionately referred to as KFC by local conservatives).  As physical evidence, this picture was just transmitted to your founding fathers by an intrepid reporter.  You be the judge.

The SS Johnson- Butch’s Campaign

About James Madison

I was the fourth president of these United States. My wife Dolley and I are greatly disturbed with the erosion of your liberties and the encroachment of the present federal, state, and local governments. I was an original member of the Democratic-Republican Party in this country and I would welcome a return to the conservative values that united Democrats and Republicans in my day. Let's start with putting God back in our lives and our government so He will richly bless our endeavors in Lee County. Let's force our elected officials be more transparent and accountable to the electorate in fiscal and social matters. I look forward to hearing your ideas about these matters and others that are on your hearts and minds. Thank You for participating!
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2 Responses to Butch Johnson’s Campaign

  1. The "Outlaw" Josey Wales says:

    Don’t think you needed a special report to find this out.

    But I believe I’ve seen a boat like that before….like in my favorite movie…

    Jamie: [Josey and Jamie are waiting for the Redlegs to cross the river] They comin’.
    [Josie pulls a Sharp’s rifle with a early telescopic sight on it from his horse]
    Carpetbagger: Do you really think you can shoot all those men down before they shoot you? No, no, Mr. Josey Wales; there is such a thing in this country called justice!
    Josey Wales: Well, Mr. Carpetbagger. We got somethin’ in this territory called the Missouri boat ride.
    [shoots the rope hauling the ferry across the river]

  2. The "Outlaw" Josey Wales says:

    Ok, no harm was “implicitly” implied with my comment above. Just makin’ fun!

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