Nice Hit Piece, Billy … and Sheriff!

What do I say, “Kudos for the hit piece”, Billy?  Bravo to the bravery of the Sheriff for calling out that the GOP leadership isn’t his style?   

Dear Mr. Carter…the last I checked not one single entity in this county, BOC, BOE, nor city council, have a Republican majority.  You’re starting to sound like Bobby Etheridge!  Don’t like the GOP leadership?  Fine.  The BOC is made up of Democrats, 6 -1, (because you can’t seriously believe Doc Oldham is a Republican).  Ms. Shook, since she is the GOP leadership, has helped the taxpayers wake up and take notice.  And we don’t like what we see.

On the city council, again there’s a Democratic majority, just in case you haven’t noticed.  And if it wasn’t for Mike Stone, and others who deserve credit too, our small businesses would still be paying that ridiculous business tax in one of the harshest economic environments our citizens have seen.   Pfizer, probably Caterpillar, other large corporations, plus insurance companies, etc, would be exempted, if it still existed.

See Mr. Carter, the Democratic candidates you’re supporting want me taxed to the point that I HAVE to depend on Government.   Not just government protective services like your office provides, but for my livelihood.  They are, and it’s no secret, ramming things down our throats like mandating we buy healthcare (unconstitutional), illegal immigration, legalizing marijuana (CA)…on that thought…are you for that, Sheriff?  Nahh, you can’t be. There’s no way my sheriff wants to legalize marijuana yet keep a database entry on me if I go buy Benadryl or Sudafed from CVS.  Could you comment on that?  Because we all know you’re reading this blog.

On illegal immigration … from what I’ve been told, a certain Democratic want-to-be commissioner stood up in the CEAD forum you attended wanted to know what does illegal immigration have to do with LEE COUNTY?  Defend that sheriff, please.  That candidate is running for the ONLY Republican seat held on the BOC.  Defend it sheriff.  This will tell us where you really stand.

On Jimmy Love, I sure would like for you to come forward and explain (which the Herald did not ask) how you can support a candidate who voted for SB461 – the act that will allow felons, death row felons, to get their conviction over turned if they can prove if they were sentenced by race.  How many of those cases were you involved in?  When any of them are let loose by our courts, and they find themselves in Lee county committing the same acts, will you refrain from putting them in jail because your buddy let them go?  Say what you will, but it’s a serious question. I wonder how the victims’ families feel about it.

I won’t apologize when I say the truth.  You are a Republican in Name Only.  You are not espousing the Republican values of less government intrusion.  You’re actually promoting more government when you endorse the candidates you have.  

Because like I said in an earlier post, where you can’t pick and choose verse and chapter, neither can you pick and choose political agendas.  

 There is no time to be in the middle of the road.  Our country’s future is at stake.

And if you can recall, I never said this, “Give me some liberty, give me more government,  or give me death.”  No Sheriff, I made it loud and clear,  Give me liberty or give me death.” Case closed.  Jury dismissed.


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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
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4 Responses to Nice Hit Piece, Billy … and Sheriff!

  1. Sheila Barber says:

    I for one will be so glad when this election cycle is over.

    I wonder what Sheriff Carter will do if I decide to REALLY run for at-large commissioner. Because I won’t be running as a Democrat. Will he say I’m on the side of “Not being good for Lee County”? Will I get blasted in the blogs because I believe my country is being attacked from within? Who can I trust now?

    Sheila Barber

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  3. Deborah Samson says:

    Billy can not ask, nor should he be expected to ask every inquiry! I thought the article was well written. Billy reports the news and sometimes the information is not what everyone desires or expects. At least the Sheriff FINALLY spoke for himself. Surprisingly his opinion remains rather weak even without the big white filter (KFC). If you musts be upset let it be directed at the message and not the messenger. Again, I thought the message was well written,

  4. Patrick Henry says:

    I am mad at the message and rightfully so. I also apologized to Billy – he did his job.

    See the latest post: Billy is right….


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