Democrat Dirty Politics Hits Rock Bottom

(Pictures removed by request of a highly respected Sanford Citizen. )
There’s almost nothing the local Democrat Party won’t sanction when it comes to dirty politics.  The Republican Party knows this, but still, they never cease to be amazed at just how low the liberals will go to harrass and disrupt decency in the political process.  Officer Evans of the Sanford PD recently had to be called out to ticket the owner of a pick-up truck who was continuously parking his vehicle in the one handicapped slot in front of the GOP headquarters.  That person had been parking the truck there all week, leaving it from 8:00AM to after 5:00PM daily.   Several of the county’s elderly and handicapped drivers had to park as much as half-block away and struggle with their walkers to get inside the headquarters.
Despite the fact Jimmy Love and Butch Johnson’s signs were prominently displayed on the pick-up in question, it has been reported that Commissioner candidate Butch Johnson and Representative Jimmy Love were not a party to this egregious violation of the civil liberties of our elderly and disabled citizens.  Still, let’s pray we won’t see any more of this kind of boorish behavior from local Dems.  (We already get too much of those antics from ‘Bully Bob’ in Washington.)

About James Madison

I was the fourth president of these United States. My wife Dolley and I are greatly disturbed with the erosion of your liberties and the encroachment of the present federal, state, and local governments. I was an original member of the Democratic-Republican Party in this country and I would welcome a return to the conservative values that united Democrats and Republicans in my day. Let's start with putting God back in our lives and our government so He will richly bless our endeavors in Lee County. Let's force our elected officials be more transparent and accountable to the electorate in fiscal and social matters. I look forward to hearing your ideas about these matters and others that are on your hearts and minds. Thank You for participating!
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10 Responses to Democrat Dirty Politics Hits Rock Bottom

  1. Sherry Carter says:

    Once again the dems have sunk to a new low in Sanford. Come on folks, we are civilized down here in Lee County…you’ve got my vote Mike Stone! It is definitely time for a change!

  2. Dolley Madison says:

    James, Perhaps he considers himself handicapped as a democrat. Is this the new mobile Democratic headquarters??? Seems pretty cost efficient, minus the ticket price of course.

  3. I was nearly to the point of disclosing a picture and the name of the culprit plus his/her place of employment today, when I was reminded by another of our bloggers that our first principles are to focus our discussion in this forum on the message, rather than the messenger. Thank you for the reminder my fellow blogger.

    If we can somehow appeal to the violator’s sense of decorum and Christian behavior, perhaps he or she will quit using this parking spot so the county’s elderly and handicapped citizens may again visit the GOP headquarters without being subjected to the dangers of uneven sidewalks and traffic. I scouted the storefront parking on Steele Street, where the illegal parking perpetrator works, and there was at least one handicapped parking slot within a few feet of his/her work entrance- much closer than the aforemetioned slot in front of the GOP headquarters, which is about 500 feet further away.

    One can only hope the perp would learn a lesson from today’s ticket and end this boorish behavior; though by late in the day, the pickup truck was back in front of the GOP headquarters, this time with the handicapped placard displayed.

    In the interest of patience and fair play, our pool of conservative bloggers will wait until Friday to take further action, anticipating that democrat operatives will compel the undisciplined driver to park elsewhere. If we see no change in parking behavior, we will, in turn, provide a picture and name of the culprit plus the name of the downtown business where he/she works. I doubt GOP faithful would want to shop with any merchant that would tolerate this kind of behavior from one of its workers.

  4. Sheepdog says:

    When you can’t best your opponent with intellect or logic, try “So’s your mother”! Blocking their house with your truck – what an infantile JACKASS!!! OOOOps, I mean donkey. It is no coincidence that their party’s mascot is a donkey. Mayby the Dem. donkey will wake up and speak like Ballam’s donkey in Numbers 22. The Dem. donkey is sure a lot smarter than most of the asses he carries. Like the old Russian warning: “Comes thee revolution…..”!

  5. festus heagon says:

    Maybe they just forgot they parked it there. You know, like Mike Stone forgot he paid Direct TV.

    This person could just be holding those signs in their truck for someone that they just can’t remember. You know, like Mike Stone forgot the name of the person who cost him $10K.

    Don’t worry about the ticket. Mike Stone can show you how to forget you ever paid it.

    Mike Stone. The wrong choice the Republican Party made to represent conservatives in Lee County.

  6. Dolley Madison says:

    You cannot infestus KFC, So what post do you so desperately want removed from the Sanford Herald’s comment site? Could it be related to the “Jimmy Love’s sexual harassment offenses? and a ‘pattern of malfeasance’ as well.
    Read more: Sanford Herald – Settlement details in Stone suit remain sealed @

  7. The "Outlaw" Josey Wales says:

    I think he secretly wants to be a Republican. But can’t come out of the closet! It would be detrimental to the local business he’s associated with. How revolting!

  8. By the way Festus…your last name on Gunsmoke was Hagan (not Heagon).


  9. Robby Westbrook says:

    This was a new low; this is lower than a whale on the bottom of the ocean. Some how some way I knew you could do it. No respect Even the Democrats don’t like you.

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