The Democrats Are at it Again

This chalk outline was found today outside the Sanford Republican Headquarters. I got to thinking who would do such a thing. It could be a local blogger that gets disability for being too mentally unstable to hold down a job. This was my first thought, since he is trying to help his mentor, Jimmy Love get re-elected to NC State House. When you are doing badly and are running behind in the polls you will try scare tactics.

Of course, Democrats are good for doing things under cover of night and under sheets with eye holes cut in them. If you check with Wikipedia it says the KKK members were “overwhelmingly white, southern, and Democratic.” After Republican President Lincoln freed the slaves, the Democrats used the KKK, quoting Wikipedia again- “suppressing Republican voting and running Republicans out of office. These contributed to white conservative Democrats’ regaining political power in all the Southern states by 1877.”

Of course, it may be an accident that the chalk outline was there. Whoever did it may have thought they were at a resturaunt with really bad food.

About Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee

I was an early American patriot. I served as the ninth Governor of Virginia and as the Virginia Representative to the United States Congress. During the American Revolution, I served as a cavalry officer in the Continental Army and earned the name Light-Horse Harry. I was also the father of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.
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3 Responses to The Democrats Are at it Again

  1. James Madison says:

    Welcome to the blog, Governor Lee. I too saw this chalk outline and was concerned it signified something a little more sinister than merely a poorly-contrived joke aimed at our party headquarters. I recall a few years back when an NCDOT official tied a noose up in one of the state government buildings as a joke. I recall he lost his job over the incident. Some things just aren’t all that laughable.

    Whatever intent the ‘artist’ had for his chalk outline, it did not generate chuckles among the party faithful at GOP Headquarters. Instead, it raised awareness about just how much is at stake this November as fiscal and social conservatives begin our quest to take back the county, state, and country from the tax-and-spend liberals and the ‘good ole boys’ who have steered us away from the first principles this country was founded upon.


    • Bill Clinton says:

      The fact that a more conservative approach should be used in Raleigh, and Washington is one that many people believe in. I agree.
      The problem is the man chosen by the republicans fo the NC House is much more than a little shady. Between the poker machines (that were illegal at the time), selling black market satellite cards, (that he remembers nothing about), bootleg DVD’s in his store, breaking ABC laws, not paying the state annual fees, and who knows what’s next. I just don’t believe we need a law breaker like this making the laws for the rest of us.

  2. Benjamin Rush says:


    It’s interesting to note you were the one who re-defined standards for lying during your presidency (recall your statement, “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is…” and your retort to reporters, “…I never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”).

    The candidate you spoke of has not been convicted of any criminal activity as you allege above. In fact, he wasn’t even questioned for most of these things. Further, you write as if these were recent allegations, when in fact they are matters of trivial historical anecdote that have been kicked around in Sanford political circles for many years. Your comments are a feeble attempt to distract readers from the vicious and conniving ways of local liberals and the tone deaf political machine of Lee County’s good old boys.

    Allow me to recommend an alternative site more suitable for your misleading kind of commentary: the e-Lee Dispatch.

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