“November is Coming” Rally- Aug 6 at McSwain Ag Center

Fellow Tea Party Patriots and Conservatives:  Join me in a celebration of democracy in action.

At 5:30PM on Friday, August 6, 2010, local conservatives and patriotic Americans will rally at the McSwain Agriculture Center at 2420 Tramway Road, in Sanford, NC.  The event is titled- “November is Coming.”  Americans for Prosperity is sponsoring the event, but it is open for freedom-loving patriots of all parties and values.

There will be free food and activities for your children. 

The rally will be held outside in the parking lot.  In the event of inclement weather it will be conducted inside the McSwain Center.  Bring a lawn chair, creative posters exercising your God-given right to free speech, and your friends. 

See you there!

About Benjamin Rush

A lesser known founding father of the United States, I hailed from the state of Pennsylvania and have been a physician, writer, educator, humanitarian and a deeply devout Christian. I am also the founder of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I was an early opponent of slavery and capital punishment. I was a professor of medical theory and clinical practice at the University of Pennsylvania. In some circles I am referred to as the Father of Modern Psychiatry. I signed the Declaration of Independence and was a participant in the Continental Congress. Originally, I mistakenly opposed Gen. George Washington and worked hard to replace him as the Commander-In-Chief because of the poor preparation of the Continental Army. However, later in life I supported this seminal American hero. In 1812, I helped reconcile the friendship of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams by encouraging them to exchange letters.
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1 Response to “November is Coming” Rally- Aug 6 at McSwain Ag Center

  1. Twas a great turnout and the speakers were all on the mark!

    I pray that this energy will somehow be conveyed into the general populace and that Lee County citizens will rise up and end the tyranny now emanating out of Raleigh and Washington! Etheridge and Love need to lose their “day jobs.”

    Same goes for Lee County: Time for some more conservative voices on the Board of Commissioners. Linda Shook needs some company in battling the ‘good ole boys’ and their seemingly endless grab for our tax dollars!

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