Do Lee County Politicians Have an Anti-Military Bias?

How do we honor those who served?

Watching the behavior of Lee County politicians leads me to believe some of our elected officials may have an anti-military bias.  Consider these three examples:  

1.  In 2010, the Lee County board of commissioners twice publicly deliberated ending their commitment to the multi-county pact looking to promote the area to military families and businesses moving here as part of BRAC (base realignment and closure initiative).  In the end, they elected not to terminate the agreement, but the rhetoric in their discussions sure seemed anti-military or at least uninterested in seeing the local military population grow. 

2.   This past spring, several elected officials from the board of commissioners and the school board were observed going door-to-door and making calls to campaign against a local military retiree running for office.  Some of these officials were from the same political party as that military retiree.  Not one prominent politician from Lee County publicly endorsed or supported this retiree as he sought his party’s nomination; not even our most senior elected local politician, the sheriff.

3.   For many months in 2009, the county did not have a veterans service officer (VSO) to support our hundreds of local ex-military and retired military members with their problems, even though we were entitled to a VSO and had one previously.  I didn’t see any public officials taking or advocating action to fix the problem.  Eventually, we received a replacement VSO, but not before many of our veterans suffered significant delays in important healthcare and benefits matters.

I keep looking for evidence that Lee County officials care about the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who faithfully served their country and who choose to live here as active duty service members or who contribute to our economy as permanent retirees.  The absence of evidence leaves me with the distinct impression that our public servants really don’t cherish or value our active and retired service members, even though the military brings much needed economic vitality to this community. 

Can you think of anything that sends a different signal to our military?

Still serving proudly…Deborah Samson

About Deborah Samson

The fact that I was a woman did not make me a different Soldier however the fact I served my country as a Soldier made me a different woman! I have been honored and criticized for my military achievements, subject to curiosity, speculation, and gossip. Contemporaries and descendants alike remain undecided as to whether they should celebrate or censure a woman who so clearly challenged gender constraints and social norms. In 1782, standing 5’ 7”, donned with a weapon, a fictitious name and men’s apparel, I became the first female to fight in the Revolutionary War. Although wounded and having to resort to removing a musket ball from my own thigh to avoid being discovered as a female, I remained STANDING as a patriot.
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3 Responses to Do Lee County Politicians Have an Anti-Military Bias?

  1. Sheepdog says:

    HAZAAH!! Someone has finally spoken out about the, at worst murder, at best manslaughter, of one of our finest. I was incredulous when I learned this. at the least totally inept, individual is not only NOT drummed out of law enforcement but carrying a badge and gun right here in Lee county. AND in a position of leadership! Something stinks in Denmark and it ain’t the fish! Remember, Sheriff is a political office and by nature, you must be a politico to hold it. Go Deborah!!!

  2. George Washington says:

    I always assumed that our local politicians would openly embrace the fine men and women whom serve our country so proudly and with complete abandon for their own safety. I find it appalling that the Honorable Sheriff would employee someone who has been found responsible for the careless death of a soldier and seriously wounding another; to the extent that it ended the man’s military career. It is clear the Sheriff and his deputy are liabilities to this community.
    It is my opinion that the contempt shown to the military comes from ignorance of this honorable profession to serve their country. Most of the people that have this attitude are too afraid to serve anything but their self- righteousness.
    With the coming of Force Command and Reserve Command, the Sanford, Lee County community has the same unique ability and opportunity to profit from supporting our military. By profit, I include the reward of reaching out to assist the military personnel at Fort Bragg, and certainly the chance to attract Army families to our community. The Harnett County community is a good example of such a gain.
    Frankly, I am ashamed of the attitude of our so called leader. In point of fact, I don’t recognize them as leaders, but more so as failures. To the writer, thank you for your opinion, and really good job.

  3. Do you know how much our chief deputy cost his previous employer? According to the Military Times, the dead 1st Lt’s family settled for $65,000. The wounded enlisted man was awarded $650,000 for excessive force and recently settled his civil rights claim for $580.000.
    Does anyone know the result of the Thomas suit against Lee Co et. al. ? This was the citizen who was tazered 11 times, had his jaw broken and then was held in Central prision for 3 days without his pain meds and his right to make bail even though bail had been set. The case was supposed to go to court in August, criminal in Lee Co. and civil in federal court.

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