How to make a difference in Washington D.C. ?

How do we make a difference in Washington?  We start by cleaning up our local government in Sanford and Lee County.   The problems in Washington D.C. did not occur over night and they will not be fixed overnight.   

Part of the problem in this community; we voters tend to vote on one’s popularity rather than their willingness to improve our community.  I fear that most in our community really don’t care who’s in office as long as their life style goes uninterrupted.  The problem is it will get interrupted, history says so.  Who will be ready and what will we do as a people and as a community.  Maybe we should start by voting out the lazy, slothful, “does nothing” career politicians. 

It seems that those who we vote to represent our community have not had an original thought in their entire political careers.  They follow someone else lead because it’s easy and less work.  Yet they continue to seek office and they want to get paid.  Frankly, it not their fault, it ours fault for continuing to vote them in office and not holding them to their promises and commitments.     

It’s great to be part of a growing commitment to the improvement the Sanford, Lee County community.  It is my intent to help expose the wrongful actions of our elected and appointed representatives.  Hopefully they will start serving the public and truly represent the public.  The real need for our elected and appointed officials is to increase the quality of life for our citizens.  So let’s get started!

About George Washington

Soldier, statesman, Commanding General of the Continental Army, and first president of the United States.
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1 Response to How to make a difference in Washington D.C. ?

  1. Well said, Mr. President. All politics is local, and we can only begin to clean up the mess in Washington by starting right here in Sanford and Lee County. The tax and spend, big government liberals and RINO’s should be shown the door, as our citizenry replaces them with limited government conservatives. Let market conditions and competition correct the miserable economic and unemployment plight of the country. Let’s give our bloated federal government gastric bypass surgery soon, before our fragile economy expires from morbid obesity!


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