Greetings from Dolley

I am pleased to join this long needed blog site.  I hope the discourse will be civil but direct.  It’s high time the citizens of Lee County give notice to their elected officials that they work for us.  Let the blogging begin.

About Dolley Madison

Born prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I grew up during a time when the country was striving to develop an identity and witnessed America evolve from a struggling young republic to the first modern democracy in the world. My parents were strict Quaker parents and I accepted my father's wishes to marry a young Quaker lawyer, John Todd. After only three years of marriage, both my husband and youngest son died of Yellow Fever. Widowed and a single parent, I met U.S. Congressional Representative James Madison and we were married four months later. When my husband became the fourth President of the United States in 1809, I assumed the then ill-defined role of the presidential wife. Considering throughout the world other nations were ruled by kings and emperors, I guess there were worse things than being called “Queen Dolley”. America and the capital were still new with no established rules of presidential behavior in a democratic republic. Besides just how many women can say they were friends with the first 12 Presidents or presided over the first Inaugural Ball in Washington? After the War of 1812, when several politicians talked of abandoning the ravaged capitol and returning to Philadelphia, I continued to host social events, sending a clear message to influential members of Congress and Washington society that Washington was not beyond repair. Today I still believe that Washington is not beyond repair with a new era of bipartisanship and behind-the-scenes politicking!
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